Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet — Create Сryptocurrency Wallet

Bitcoin wallet (bitcoin wallet) is the equivalent of a physical wallet for transactions with bitcoins. Different wallets have been created for different platforms.

Just want to say that any option to create a wallet for cryptocurrency is free. The Commission is deducted only for transfers (transactions) between wallets.

How to create a bitcoin wallet?

Registration of bitcoin wallet in Russian, after all, it is one of the main online wallets for bitcoins in the world, which has both mobile versions and the maximum number of customers. This service has a high level of security, encryption, different two-factor identification, keyboard character sets.

If you prefer online platforms for creating a BTC wallet, it is best to use this one. But note that the Commission for the transfer is slightly higher than in any local wallet. Finding a bitcoin wallet with a minimum withdrawal fee is not easy.

How is a bitcoin wallet registered online?

Need to go to the site, and then to the “Wallet” tab. After that, you should click on the “Create a free Bitcoin wallet” button.

The screen should open a window and special lines in which you need to enter your email address and password. You must check the box confirming your agreement to the “Terms of service”. Then click “Continue”.

The wallet number should be generated (it will take a maximum of thirty seconds). And then you will enter your personal account.

Before using the wallet, it must be activated. To do this, you must be authorized in the e-mail box specified by you during registration. Sent an email with the activation of the Blockchain, because it is very easy to find this notification.

In the opened letter the button “Verify Email”is pressed. Then you go to a new tab of the browser, where you will learn about the successful verification of e-mail.

Pay attention to the content of the specified email. Under the “Verify Email” button there is a “wallet ID”. It represents the numbers and letters of the English alphabet, which you will need if you need to restore access to the bitcoin wallet.

This information should be saved on the computer in a separate file, or better yet, the latter should be duplicated and stored on a removable disk (USB flash drive).

After creating an account in the blockchain, you can use your wallet number for its intended purpose at any time, for example:

  • buy coins in the exchanger for dollars or rubles;
  • mining cryptocurrency using your equipment;
  • receive bitcoins from cloud mining (considered the best option in 2019).

To get your number, you need to click on the button “Start receiving Bitcoins”in your personal account. After that, a dialog box should open, where the wallet number will be displayed. You can copy it and start using it as intended.

Services of replenishment of purses

Since the popularity of bitcoins is only growing, there are many online and offline services through which it is possible to replenish electronic wallets.

Today, there are many ways to send money through the Blockchain service.

Let’s look at the most popular methods of replenishment. At the moment, this is the most popular service for storing and using cryptocurrency. It is also supported by Stellar, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin. There is a version for phones and for PC.

To replenish your blockchain wallet in another way, you need its number. The wallet address for the selected cryptocurrency will be displayed. These buttons are used for main account operations. Thanks to them, money is received on the wallet or sent to other users. Cryptocurrency exchanges are another way to Deposit money on the blockchain.

The difference from the exchanger is that to purchase bitcoins or other currency you will need to trade with other participants. The cryptocurrency exchange rate is unstable and changing all the time, which you can use to your advantage.

Payment systems provide several options for transferring funds to a bitcoin wallet. To do this, you need to make a currency exchange for cryptocurrency through a special exchanger.

The rate at exchange offices varies, for convenience, bestchange is used. It indicates the rate in units of a particular currency. The reserve of the exchanger and the number of negative reviews are indicated in red, and positive-in green.

Do not use currency exchange sites that leave negative reviews, even if you see a very attractive rate.

Increase the level of security when storing funds on

No service guarantees complete security, even when it comes to projects related to money. The last time Internet criminals are increasingly hacking into bitcoin wallets of users.

Often they succeed, because wallet users do not install additional protection on their account, they create only a normal password. In the personal account on the Blockchain site there is an opportunity to increase the level of security of your wallet, using simple manipulations.

To do this, go to the section “security Center”. It can also be set to a three-level degree of protection, which 99% prevents various attempts to hack your account.

List of the most popular local bitcoin clients

This type of bitcoin wallet is more reliable than the online version, but it requires a lot of qualification to use the service. Also, your computer will need protection from viruses and Trojans that can steal your data and access to your wallet including.Now consider the best cryptocurrency wallet on the computer:

  1. “Multibit” is an alternative to “Electrum”. It does not use the entire blockchain database. Only part of the data related to a particular address is synchronized, so it does not require much time and resources to work. It is used for Linux, Win, Mac platforms.
  2. “Electrum” is considered to be a lightweight and functional bitcoin client, suitable for beginners, as it is easy to use. There is a portable and full version. The task of the application is to maximize the acceleration of the process of working with the bitcoin wallet and at the same time to save resources. “Electrum” does not provide synchronization of the entire blockchain database, only its remote server is used, where the database is stored. It is possible to create your own server and use it. It supports Android, Linux, Win, Mac platforms.
  3. “Armory” is suitable for experienced users who need additional flexibility and security to manage their own funds. It requires the base “Bitcoin Core”, it is installed on top of the base client. The latter is considered resource-intensive, because it requires a fairly “strong” computer.
  4. “Bitcoin Core” is the main bitcoin client, which is used by most users of the network, because it is the original bitcoin client and it is easy to use. But it takes about 20GB of space on the computer and takes a long time to sync after download and installation. Usually the Commission for the transfer is about 0.00001 btc/KB, which is much less than if you use the online bitcoin service. Support for Linux, Win, Mac platforms is provided.

Bitcoin wallet replenishment

Transfer of BTC to the wallet is possible in the following ways:

  • bitcoin wallet is replenished on the crypto exchange, but not every exchange works with Fiat money. The most convenient of those that work – “YObit”, it is not Russified;
  • bitcoins are bought in cryptocurrency exchangers. The rate is assigned, taking into account the global dynamics of the BTC rate and the policy of a certain exchanger;
  • bitcoin cloud mining is used. In the cloud mining service, you can buy power for mining cryptocurrency for rubles or dollars, and every day you will be charged bitcoins in proportion to the payment for the power (you can sign a contract for a period of two to three years).

Bitcoin withdrawal and money transfer from wallet to wallet

How to withdraw money from bitcoin wallet? The following method of transfer is suitable for anyone who is going to transfer BTC to other bitcoin wallets, yours or other people’s. First of all, you need to go to the website of the blockchain info wallet and pass authorization. After that, you need to go to the “Send money”section.

To transfer funds, the following is done:

  • the “Send money” button is pressed»;
  • in a special field, enter the address of the recipient’s bitcoin wallet;
  • in the “Amount” column, enter the number of bitcoins you will send;
  • the “Send payment” button is pressed.

Withdrawal of bitcoins to Webmoney-wallet

What about webmoney and bitcoin wallet? There is nothing complicated in transferring bitcoins to Webmoney. Bitcoin cryptocurrency in WebMoney wallet is designated as WMX.

It is necessary to go to the service of the withdrawal and replenishment WMX (,
then press the “Enter” button.

When you do everything according to the instructions-you will see the details for entering WMX. Now you need to click on the ” Get ” button. After that, you will see the address of the bitcoin wallet, to which you need to transfer bitcoins so that they get to your WebMoney wallet.

What is the transaction and withdrawal fee?

Commission during transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain network is a voluntary process, however, the user who found the block can include transactions in its composition at his discretion.

It turns out that transactions with zero Commission have the lowest priority. Transactions with even the lowest Commission (now it is ~0.0001 BTC) are characterized by a standard priority, and most likely they will be included in the block.

To save money, first check the number of unconfirmed transactions on the if the total amount is less than 10 000, then manually put the Commission below the recommended. The transaction must pass. Usually at night and early in the morning the flow of financial transactions (in Moscow) is much smaller.

In what case is the transaction fee not paid?

  1. Translation takes up little space in the block.
  2. Transfer more than 0.01 BTC.
  3. Bitcoins, with the participation of which the transaction will be carried out, have a lot of confirmations.

Which wallets support the Bitcoin Cash?

Not every wallet that supports bitcoins, introduces support for Bitcoin Cache, for example, on there is no Bitcoin Cash. It is easier to use a wallet for the exchange (“Poloniex” or “Bittrex”), but for a large amount it is better to create a local wallet.

On the Internet, there are the following local wallets that support the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash:

  • “Electroncash»;
  • “TREZOR»;
  • “BitcoinUnlimited»;
  • “BitcoinABC»;
  • “B>XT»;
  • “BitcoinClassic”.

How to create a bitcoin cash wallet?

First, the wallet “Bitcoin Cash”is downloaded. You need to press the orange button “Download now”. On the page that opens, you will see a list. Depending on the bit depth and type of operating system on your PC, you need to choose one option.

You need to click on the appropriate link, find the downloaded file in the folder and run it.

You need to select the Directive in which the BCC wallet will be installed. Everything is left by default. After this again need to click on “Next.”

Click “Install”, wait for the download to finish, then click the tab at the bottom of the window.

Then you need to click “Finish”, then select the folder where you will download a copy of the archive blocks (it is better to leave the default).

If you do not have a wallet shortcut on your desktop, you can create it yourself. You need to open the “Bitcoin” folder (in the “Program Files” directory), right-click to select the bitcoin-qt file and click “Create shortcut”.

How to sync BCC wallet?

After launching the wallet, its synchronization begins. The process takes from two hours to several days. Synchronization speed is determined by such factors:

  • the number of cores on the device. If less than four – download will be long;
  • Winchester. On HDD synchronization takes much longer than on SDD;
  • Internet speed.

If you own an old computer with slow Internet, it takes an indefinite amount of time to synchronize your wallet. Speeds up the copying of ready-made archive blocks, which is placed with the replacement in the folder “Bitcoin” (AppData => Roaming = > Bitcoin).

The wallet address is in the tab ” Get “= > “Request payment”.

Different sites offer btc wallet in Russian without Commission. Trust only proven services, do not be fooled.

If you have a lot of cryptocurrency, then you can store it in two ways:

  • payment systems such as Webmoney;
  • a hot wallet that works only if you have constant access to the Internet.

“Hot “and” cold ” wallets

Hot are the wallets of cryptocurrency exchanges (“Binance”, “Exmo”), as well as online wallets (“Cryptonit”) and payment systems like WebMoney.

Many are wondering what is a cold wallet for cryptocurrency? We are talking about a package of tools in a USB-drive, with which you can store the data you need to access the cryptocurrency. It does not require a permanent Internet connection.

Nowadays, a cold wallet is the most reliable way to store funds. Protection is provided by the owner’s biometric information or by entering a special combination.

Create cold wallets if:

  • you do not want to expose the currency to waste and bought it for long storage;
  • you have a lot of cryptocurrency, which is a considerable amount of money;
  • you will not conduct transactions often.

Among cold wallets you can give preference to such: “KeepKey”, “TREZOR”, “Ledger Nano S”.

The use of hardware wallets

Hardware wallet for cryptocurrency is an electronic device designed for the needs of cryptocurrency owners. In General, these needs relate to the usability and security (that is not stolen money, it was convenient to pay, etc.).

In appearance, the hardware wallet is something between a small smartphone and a flash drive, with a bias in one direction or the other. To make transactions, you need to connect to a computer via USB, but in some cases it is possible to independently access the Internet thanks to Wi-Fi, Ethernet and other features.

If we talk about security, it resembles a separate laptop, which has protective software (firewalls, antivirus, programs that encrypt “traces”) and a wallet program.

The software (wallet program, as well as applications that provide protection of the wallet and access to it) can be installed by the manufacturer, but often the developer offers to download it from his website and install it yourself.

In the latest versions, the shortcomings of the past are corrected, potential shortcomings are eliminated, new support is added. The software generates keys and certain access codes, so do not download it from unverified sources.

Usually there are several access codes and keys:

  • seed-phrases-there are 24 secret words with which you can restore access when you lose the key;
  • private key to access the wallet, which is randomly generated by the program;
  • PIN code to access the device (as on phones).

In some cases, additional keys are added, such as the” factory ” key that comes with the device. It is important that there are several levels of protection, and experts easily find out how random the generated keys are.

An important argument in favor of a particular device is the number of cryptocurrencies it supports. Developers take this into account and add coins that are in demand. An unpopular currency will hardly be able to be stored in a hardware wallet: it will simply not be supported.

Multi-currency wallets

A multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet is a special software or device designed to store or transfer several types of digital currency.

If you are a novice cryptocurrency investor or trader, then this wallet is an integral attribute of your activity. With its help, it is possible to store, transfer, exchange tokens and cryptocurrencies, view transaction history.

Now there are so many multi-currency cryptocurrencies on the market that even an experienced user sometimes can not choose one or another program to store their own digital assets. Therefore, the best multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet is not so easy to choose among them.

Why do many people switch to anonymous wallets?

Do you often use bitcoins? Do you want your cryptocurrency-related activities to remain confidential? If so, you need an anonymous bitcoin wallet.

Thanks to it, it is possible to separate your personal information from finances. No one can track you down to steal cryptocurrency. Reduces the likelihood of potential break-ins.

Unfortunately, not every wallet has such a function, especially if we talk about mobile versions. But, using this type of bitcoin wallet, you can achieve complete anonymity.

How to get a wallet for cryptocurrencies?

Many of the problems that are associated with the loss of cryptodeneg (hacks, theft, loss of access) occur because of a misunderstanding of what you are working with.

A lot of users are dealing with purses in the payment systems (QIWI, Yandex.Money, Advices and others). Each of them has technical support, solving different problems with access to your account.

However, with cryptocurrencies, it is quite another matter. No one will help you in case of problems. We mean wallets and systems where there are your funds. They are completely anonymous, respectively, to prove that you are the owner (just lost access), or that the money from the wallet was transferred not by you, but by another person (cracker), you will not succeed (often there is no one to prove).

Crypto wallet has two hypostases: its technical implementation and essence. If we talk about the latter, the crypto wallet consists of two numbers (they are also called keys, meaning that thanks to them you can decrypt something):

  • the first word or number can be said to anyone. It’s just the address of your wallet. Its second name is a public key or just an address;
  • the second number is not reported to anyone. This is something like a password that gives access to money (bitcoins or other altcoins). We are talking about a private key. Whoever knows him owns the money.

The simplest implementation is a paper wallet, when you own only the address and private key, written on a piece of paper or saved as a screenshot. It is already possible to receive money to this address, and if the need arises, you will remove or transfer money by connecting this wallet to any client program.

The creation of the simplest bitcoin wallet is about the same on different sites. But you need to make a screen of the received keys, print several copies and store them securely.

How to use bitcoin wallet?

The balance of the wallet is checked on the official bitcoin blockchain websites: and the address (public key) is entered There. To enter, or otherwise “leak” your private key is not necessary.

For other cryptocurrencies, other official sites have been developed, where all this can be done and viewed. For example, for Monero –, for Ethereum –, for Bitcoin –

To withdraw money from this wallet, you have to use a software solution (local or hosted online). In the client program (or on the website of the online service, on enter this pair of keys (address and private key), then you get the opportunity to dispose of these finances.

But until you did, the reliability of storing money in a paper wallet was high. And then it is determined by the technical solution for working with the wallet that you have chosen.

There are many technical embodiments (software solutions) of this. All determine the tasks to be solved, your goals, the desire to compromise between the convenience and safety of the application.

The client program is used not only to quickly create a wallet, but also to provide a convenient interface, it can function both on your computer and on your tablet, phone or on a remote server where the online service you use is located.

A modern client program can automatically create new wallet addresses for you for each transaction separately, so you can’t be tracked. Old addresses also belong only to you and can be used – do not worry about it.

How to restore bitcoin wallet?

Before restoring the wallet, pay attention to the type of storage used. This determines what the user will do next. Nowadays there are such bitcoin wallets:

  • hardware-like vaults are separate devices that can be carried around and connected to a computer to conduct transactions. Users like the reliability of these devices and the special ways to restore access to finances. Hardware storage: “Trezor”, “KeepKey”, ” Ledger Nano S»;
  • online wallets, you do not need to install them. The wallet is registered and applied online. Cryptocurrency is stored on one of the many services, for example, on info;
  • software. This wallet downloads all transactions since 2009. As a result, the data takes up more than 100 GB of space on the HDD Despite this disadvantage, a heavy wallet is one of the most reliable. For Example, ” Bitcoin Core»;
  • desktop lungs. These are wallets for which you do not need to download the blockchain chain to your computer. The user must install the software on your PC and get everything you need to work: addresses for transactions, a file with a wallet, an access key. Examples are “Electrum” and “MultiBit”.

If it happened that the wallet was deleted, or you can not remember the password, or it was irretrievably lost, then do not panic. There are several ways to restore a bitcoin wallet.

A Thrifty user can make copies of the documentation on paper. To do this, special programs are used, for example, “PaperBack”. The purpose of these programs is to translate electronic data into graphical code. The received information should be printed. Ideally – on a high-quality laser printer. About three megabytes of information can be encrypted on a single sheet.

If you lose access to the wallet, you can scan the information and use the same program to decrypt it.

Thanks to the modern system, you can read data from paper even imperfect quality.

If it happened that you reinstalled the system on the disk where the bitcoin wallet was-do not despair. It is important to immediately disable the “Winchester”. The more the disk is used after reinstalling, the less likely it is to recover the wallet. Try to recover information using programs such as “PC Tools File Recover”.

If this attempt is not successful, then pay attention to the script keyhunter. It should restore the wallet file.dat. It is very important to remember the password.

If you forget your security cipher, then in such a situation, the mnemonic code generated during the creation of the wallet will help. This is a secret phrase consisting of twelve words. With this code, addresses and keys can be generated.

How to transfer money to bitcoin wallet?

  • Replenishment with a Bank card through the exchanger. To do this, go to the website of the exchanger, select the card of your Bank and convert to bitcoins. When you decide on the method of exchange, there will be exchange rates, from which you can choose the most profitable. The application will be formed, and then it will need to be paid in the Bank in which the client’s account was opened.
  • It is possible to buy cryptocurrency in a special exchange. There are many sites on the Internet with a built-in platform for cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange rate is affected by the dynamics of bitcoin growth. In such exchangers, a percentage of all financial transactions is charged.
  • The exchange of bitcoins on the crypto currency exchange . This method is chosen by those who want to replenish their electronic wallet Yandex.Money, Qiwi or wallet of another popular payment system. You can make good money on the stock exchange. It is important to wait for the right moment when the bitcoin rate will be the most favorable for exchange.
  • Replenishment through the payment terminal. Not every payment terminal nowadays can work with bitcoins. But through ivoh you can replenish your bitcoin wallet. For this purpose cash is entered, the receipt where the special code entered on the site is specified turns out then the replenishment of the blockchain wallet is possible after payment of the previously submitted application.
  • Bitcoin wallet is replenished with the help of Yandex.Money and other payment systems. This procedure is similar to the replenishment of the wallet with a Bank card. On the page of the exchanger you need to select the column ” give Yandex.Money”, and in the column “Get” should specify bitcoin. After that, you need to make an application, pay for it, and only then will the cryptocurrency go to the user’s bitcoin wallet.

The above methods are the main ones, but there are still many other options. However, in each case, the principles of exchange do not differ from those mentioned above. So the question concerning the replenishment of the bitcoin wallet should no longer worry new users of the crypto currency.

How to replenish bitcoin wallet through Sberbank Online?

Replenishment of bitcoin wallet from Sberbank card

You should find the right option, that is, the ruble card of the Bank and bitcoin. Further payment information, bitcoin wallet address, purchase amount, personal information of the user (name, phone and email) is specified. The operator processes the application, the money is debited from the savings Bank account, and bitcoin goes to the specified wallet. In this case, the Commission is not removed, because it is pre-laid in the course. The same principle applies here.

“Cashbank” also processes orders for half an hour. The Commission of “Cashbank” changes all the time.

The third exchanger is “Xchange”. It works similarly to the previous two. On the web page, you should choose Sberbank and bitcoin from the exchange options.

Then you specify the card number, name, bitcoin wallet, mailbox. Commission “Xchange” originally laid in the exchange rate. The process takes 15 minutes.

Buying bitcoins through Sberbank on the exchange is a more complicated option. To do this, you need to register on the exchange. Not every exchange supports rubles.

So, adding the exchange account via the card of the savings Bank, may receive additional Commission. Buying bitcoins on these trading platforms is also not difficult. You only need to register, the account is replenished through the Sberbank card, an order is created, and bitcoins are obtained.

Buying BTC through Sberbank is possible through certain payment systems.

How are the bitcoins on the card of Sberbank?

Let’s consider the issue of bitcoin wallet with withdrawal to the Sberbank card. As the popularity of Blockchain technology and virtual coins grew, the list of ways to obtain them began to grow. But today, the ability to dispose of cryptocurrency are quite limited. This problem is especially relevant for the offline mode, because many users are interested in withdrawing bitcoins to a Sberbank card without a Commission.

List of available ways to withdraw bitcoins to Sberbank card

In the Russian Federation, there are problems regarding the existing restrictions in relation to virtual currencies. Direct withdrawal of bitcoins in rubles to the Sberbank card has become impossible. But just this direction is relevant for a considerable number of traders, miners and participants of such services as, for example, “Minergate”.

Today there are several options for withdrawing money to Sberbank:

  • p2p mode Is the least expensive, but the most risky way to conduct exchange operations;
  • special exchanges. With this method, you need to register and account verification for crypto-currency trading platforms;
  • electronic payment system. Today such services are provided to clients by Advcash and Webmoney services;
  • online exchangers. Nowadays it is the most popular and operational method of withdrawal of virtual currency. Experienced users are advised to choose the service as carefully as possible, as many scammers appeared due to the popularization of the PTS.

If you have noticed, the withdrawal to the above cards in any case involves the participation of intermediaries.

A list of safety rules in the derivation of the PTS

Trading bitcoins online and a real chance to get a substantial profit attract many users who want to earn. At the same time, the issue of withdrawal of received virtual coins becomes urgent. For objective reasons, the creation of a bitcoin wallet with a withdrawal to a Sberbank card is still impossible, because the above methods of exchange are an alternative.

Regardless of the chosen method, the user must be as secure as possible from the actions of fraudsters. To do this, experienced users of the crypto-currency community are advised to create a secure wallet for cryptocurrencies and follow such rules:

  • when choosing, consider the time of the transaction, the exchange rate, fees and transparency of payments;
  • it is important to carefully examine the information regarding the service through which you want to exchange. At the same time special attention is paid to the reviews of real users;
  • if the user has doubts, but he is forced to use the services of the service, it is recommended to conduct a trial exchange with a little money.

Reviews indicate that the most popular option is the use of online exchangers that offer favorable conditions and guarantee maximum efficiency. But other options have undeniable advantages.

How to transfer bitcoins to qiwi wallet?

As you probably already know, there are no direct transfers from BTC to Kiwi and from Qiwi to bitcoin wallet yet. Therefore, for the input-output of cryptocurrency through the system, you will need to use the services of intermediaries. There are options:

  • use exchange wallets;
  • one of the exchangers;
  • translate directly from one user to another.

To make transfers, you need to have a kiwi wallet and an available bitcoin address. We can talk about one of the BTC-applications, exchange wallet, hardware or Paper Wallet, as long as the user has access to it.

Top up bitcoin wallet with a Bank card

The Bank card is not yet a full-fledged tool for replenishing cryptocurrency wallets. There are many reasons for this, but first of all it is about the difference between Fiat money and digital money and the unsuitability of the banking industry to cryptocurrencies.

But this does not mean that there are no ways to replenish the Bitcoin wallet from the card.

  • Direct purchase. Do you have money in your Bank account and want to transfer it to the account of the bitcoin owner? It sends you coins to a cryptocurrency wallet. The scheme is quite simple, but risky. In this case, there is no guarantee of good faith of the parties. The bill may not be paid.
  • Exchangers trading cryptocurrency. Exchangers working in this direction, much more than exchanges, for this reason, this method is more popular. But certain exchangers begin to cash in on their own popularity and tear too high a Commission for their work. Therefore, they are used if you need to buy a small amount of bitcoins.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges. These platforms are intermediaries for people involved in cryptocurrency assets. On certain exchanges, the account is replenished with the usual Bank cards.

Top bitcoin wallets

The list of cryptocurrencies is constantly being adjusted. There are often changes when something goes missing and something new appears. When choosing a wallet for your electronic cash, be guided only by current information.

Check out the list of ten popular applications and services that will reliably protect your cryptocurrency and provide easy work with it. Their order is random. Each has its pros and cons.

  1. “Exodus”. The wallet was created by the Swiss crypto exchange “ShapeShift”. It has a clear, simple interface, supports multiple currencies and can be used for crypto trading.

SEED-phrase, 2FA, as well as complex passwords protect cryptocurrency from theft.

  1. “Kryptonate”. This online storage supports four Fiat and sixteen cryptocurrencies, among them there are Ukrainian hryvnia and Russian rubles. Two-factor authentication is present in the cryptonator online cryptocurrency wallet, but in this crypto wallet it is better to store a small amount for fast payments.
  2. “HolyTransaction”. This multi-currency crypto wallet supports twelve coins, euros, us dollars. Two-factor authentication and complex passwords protect them from theft. In Europe, there are already special ATMs with which you can use “HolyTransaction”.
  3. “GreenAddress”. This browser extension has the functionality of a conventional crypto wallet. Registration requires a:
    – email;
    – password;
    – pin-code;
    – SEED-a phrase consisting of fifteen words, with which access is restored.

On the wallet “GreenAddress” store funds intended for online purchases. However, do not transfer a large amount.

  • “Coinbase.” This wallet has advanced functionality. After registration, choosing a login, password and two-factor authentication method you get an easy-to-use, fast storage for litecoin, ether and Bitcoin Cash.

Coinbase “Features”:

  • cryptocurrency trading option;
  • storage and withdrawal of electronic cash;
  • making regular payments; automating the purchase and sale of coins.
  • “Electrum”. This is a popular lightweight desktop storage with a convenient, simple and
  • intuitive interface. Bitcoin wallet electrum has two advantages:
  • it requires little free space on the computer;
  • the installation takes no more than a minute.

The owner of the wallet “Electrum” can use different networks to confirm transactions. There are also several options for protection.

But it is mandatory to generate a SEED-phrase. It is needed so that it can be used to restore access.

  • “KeepBit”. This hot wallet has voice confirmation. No need to remember secret words, passwords and logins. Only the owner (the one who owns the voice) gets access to it. Users like this functionality.

Additional features of the wallet:

it can be replenished with Fiat currencies from cards or other methods;
trade contracts for the difference in the value of cryptocurrencies with leverage.

In fact, it is a stock wallet, but it has increased protection.

  • “Armory Wallet”. Cold storage requires a lot of hard disk space. The main plus: you only need to connect to the network when making transactions. To work safely with “Armory Wallet” you need a secure, and even better – a separate personal computer with a clean operating system. I mean, without other programs.
  • “BitGO”. It is a hot crypto wallet with a high level of reliability. Therefore, there is a two-factor authentication during registration.

With “BitGO” you can use a unique key to restore your account and to create wallets for storing Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, LTC.

  • “Bitcoin Core”. The platform is designed only for bitcoin. It has all the blockchain chains. Accordingly, you can not do without:
    constant access to the Internet;
  • a powerful personal computer that has more than 150 GB of free space.
    The differences between the “Bitcoin Core” from other wallets

The product was created by a trusted developer. Virtual currency is safe here. But there should be no viruses on your computer, and it should not be accessed by hackers.

Wallet “Matbea”

Matbi bitcoin wallet is an old cryptocurrency exchange service in Eastern Europe. The site began its work in 2014. During the period of work more than 80 000 people became clients of the company. At first, only bitcoins were available on the site, later Zcash, Litecoin, Dash were added.

In addition to the ability to sell and buy cryptocurrency, “Matbi” is also a wallet for storing virtual coins. Client money is here under the protection of various security settings. In 2018, the cooperation of the service with Gefarapay began, which allowed to launch transfers of funds from “Matbea” to personal accounts in any European Bank.

Buy, sell cryptocurrency can be in the following directions:

  • in communication salons;
  • using a cell phone;
  • Qiwi;
  • Yandex.Money;
  • through the services of “Tinkoff-Bank»;
  • “Promsvyazbank»;
  • “VTB-24»;
  • through ” vanguard»;
  • «Alfa-bank»;
  • «Sberbank.»

If you make transactions with amounts that are less than specified in the tariffs, then a fine of 300 rubles is required for this. In the exchanger “Matbi” it is not necessary to undergo verification, it may be necessary only in rare cases.

Bitcoin wallet for Android

So we came to the section how to create a bitcoin wallet on the phone. Let’s start with the most popular system, Android. This wallet is simple and reliable to use, in addition, work with it quickly and safely. Its goal is decentralization. There is no need to rely on someone: bitcoin transactions do not need a centralized service. And besides bitcoin wallet for Android in Russian.

This application can choose for themselves people who are poorly versed in technology. It is also available for BlackBerry OS.

Control of funds

The wallet completely controls your bitcoins. No one will be able to freeze your account or lose your currency. But do not forget that you are fully responsible for the backup and security of your own wallet.

Using simplified validation

The wallet uses a simplified verification of transactions in the bitcoin network. You don’t need much trust in third parties during payment verification. But it is more secure to use a full node like “Bitcoin Core”.


The wallet in question has open source code and a fixed application creation procedure. Any developer can audit the code and make sure that the executable code does not hide secrets.


This wallet is downloaded to mobile devices, where applications are usually isolated. This protects against malware well, although mobile devices are more likely to be lost or stolen. By encrypting your mobile device and backing up your wallet, you can reduce this risk.

Ensuring basic privacy

This makes it impossible to keep track of your payments.

Tracking the balance of the user and his payments is complicated by the rotation of the addresses used. You need to use a new bitcoin address every time you request payment.

Limited information is disclosed to other members. Other nodes on the network can remember your IP address and link payments that you have sent or received.

The wallet does not support Tor. It makes it impossible to use Tor so that attackers or ISPs can’t link your payments to an IP address.

The control of the Commission

The wallet fully controls the Commission. Thanks to it, you can change the Commission amount after sending money using CPFP or RBF. It also provides advice on the Commission depending on the current state of the network for timely transactions, and that there were no overpayments for them.

Bitcoin wallet for iOS

There are different views about what device to use to store cryptocurrency. Often between users of iOS and Android devices there are disagreements, including about the storage of money. But still, iPhone owners should know how to store their coins with the phone.

Applications are in the AppStore, they are systematically updated, and there are quite a lot of them. Ignorant people can come to a standstill, choosing an application, in the face of such diversity. Therefore, you should understand the most popular wallets.

Four variants of bitcoin wallet iOS:

  • “GreenAddress”. It is a multiform, secure wallet. You will appreciate the benefits of fast transactions, two-factor authentication and backup;
  • “BitWallet”. It guarantees reliable protection, checking the price of bitcoin in different currencies, the ability to pay from the phone, sending notifications and many other advantages. Also there is no need to register;
  • “Coinbase” is characterized by a clear and simple design, instant transactions via Bank cards or PayPal, fast payment for goods and services. Money is protected even if your mobile device is stolen;
  • “Blockchain” is considered to be one of the most popular applications. It is characterized by two-factor authentication, pin code, high level of security. Suitable for ether and bitcoin. There are other useful features here.

The best verified bitcoin wallet for iOS

Almost all wallets have a lot in common. The main functionality they all have is almost the same. Only the interface and additional features differ.

It is impossible to determine exactly which option is better, because everyone chooses the most optimal application for themselves. But remember that you need to download and install only popular, proven wallets. Otherwise you will get a “pig in a poke”, and there will be no question of any security.

In addition, do not forget that no mobile wallet does not give an absolute guarantee of the safety of your money. It is much safer to install the wallet on a personal computer and store the keys on a removable disk or even purchase a hardware wallet. For such transactions, the mobile application is a great option that allows you to easily and quickly make any transaction whenever and wherever you want.