Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core

Almost any modern crypto wallet offers users the ability to deposit and transfer bitcoins. But if 10 years ago these coins were, in principle, the only ones, today a lot has changed. And yes, there are tons of other storage options, but the bitcoin core wallet plays a major role in the application of the first blockchain.

What it is

It’s about open source and a wallet based on it. The program combines the functionality of a bitcoin wallet with a so-called full node, through which participants monitor the work and functionality of the solution.

The first edition of the application appeared along with the currency in 2009. In 2012, it was refined and expanded. In 2016, the wallet was among the first to start working on SegWit technology.


Open the official website of the bitcoin core wallet, find the latest version of the application there and download it to your device. Always look at the type of OS, since the operating systems are different – you need an option that fully matches your parameters, another will not start or will not work correctly. By default, the wallet file is installed on the C drive, but you can specify a different path.

At the first start, the path for storing keys and the wallet file is indicated. The main thing is to remember where the folder is, so that later there will be no problems with finding it. Make sure that there is enough disk space and, optionally, with a margin, since the mass of software is constantly growing, plus synchronization will be carried out regularly.


How to use bitcoin core and perform basic settings is very simple. Find the “Options” menu item and set the desired parameters in the tabs:

  • main;
  • net;
  • purse;
  • window;
  • display;
  • command lists.

When you start the wallet, by default, the “Overview” tab opens immediately, in it you can see the balance of the electronic wallet and a list of the latest transactions.

We recommend that you come up with a strong password, this will significantly increase the security of your funds. To conduct transactions, open the “Send” tab and follow the prompts.

Bitcoin Kore can be used to launch full nodes. Here the task is to validate different blocks with transactions and their further transfer to other nodes. Each synchronized and launched client will be able to maintain the functionality of the network, the storage will contain an updated copy of the bitcoin blockchain with access to the full history of operations.

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