Jaxx wallet

Jaxx wallet

As the number of cryptocurrencies increased, there was a demand for the resources needed to store them. If initially each cryptocurrency had its own wallet, over time it ceased to be relevant, there was a need for a universal place for placing coins. Developers came up with new software that could make life easier for users.

JAXX – what is it?

The official site of the jaxx wallet indicates that the solution was created in 2014 and is suitable for storing a wide range of cryptocurrencies at the same time. If at first the number of positions was about 10, now it has reached 51. The solution is thought out to the smallest detail, safe, has a wide functionality, including the presence of a backup, the use of a private key and the ability to set a pin code. Jaxx is developed by the Canadian organization Decentral.

To make a wallet, you need to go to the official website (address jaxx.io), find the downloads section in it. A wide range of versions is available – you just have to choose the one that suits you best. All operating systems are also available.

After downloading the installation file, the file is installed as a standard program. For a successful installation, agree to all terms and conditions offered by the developer. Immediately specify the desired type of wallet – Custom or Express. The difference between them is minimal, or rather, in principle, there is none, so be guided by your taste. Be sure to copy the address of the newly created wallet.

Security Settings

To get the guarantee of maximum security for your wallet, select the Settings section, specify the Setup Security PIN path in it and come up with a unique PIN. You may not need to use a pin, but for obvious reasons we recommend creating maximum protection for your wallet.

Since the address is dynamic, the question of how to restore the jaxx wallet is not worth it. The main thing for you is to keep a set of keys in a protected place. But if you lose them, follow the instructions on the official website and you can restore access. Do not forget only a 12-word phrase – the user compiles it himself precisely for the possible restoration of access in the future.


Newbies are usually looking for reviews of the jaxx wallet before registering. There are many of them in the public domain, the main part is positive. Previously, the first positions in the ratings were occupied by the Exodus multi-wallet, now Jaxx has the maximum chances to squeeze it out.

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