Electrum Wallet

Electrum Wallet

Electrum is a light enough software wallet for storing cryptocurrency. It supports almost all modern PC and mobile platforms. The electrum bitcoin wallet has been used since 2011, accounting for about 10% of transactions with bitcoins. This is a time-tested, reliable software, the so-called hot wallet. Lightweight software, unlike standard heavy software, is good because it allows you to create, sign operations without preloading to a personal computer. They are easy to install, have a well thought-out, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

How to make your electrum

First, open the official electrum wallet website and find the download files there. The main options are standalone program, installation file, portable version. The portable is the most convenient, since it does not require installation in the standard sense. But this is not the best solution for a PC, since in the case of a computer system, infection with malicious software codes cannot be 100% excluded.

Installation programs create their own files in the directories of the Windows operating system. This option is convenient for encrypting files. Download software only from the official developer resource, check all current signatures and timely update the software – these are the developers’ recommendations to improve security. You also need to regularly check your device for viruses, as this is a blow to the security of your money.

Procedure for receiving funds

To receive a money transfer, you need to open the “Receipts” tab and find the specified bitcoin digital address in it. Receiving addresses can be sent to senders, for this they are copied with the button on the right side or with a code. Everything is not difficult, it is enough to deal with the functionality once.

Bitcoin addresses can be coded or alphanumeric. The receipt section is a lot like a bank menu for billing. To understand how to use the electrum wallet, study the manual. For each transaction there are prompts – a description of the payment, identifier, amount of money spent, status of the operation, commission, total amount of the transfer. There is an opportunity to replace transactions – but only before their final confirmation. To send money, you need to specify the addressee, ID of the transaction with the input address. There are no other requirements.

It is possible to view transactions, the balance of absolutely any wallet, even if it does not belong to you. To do this, enter the ID of the transaction, then enter the public address of the payment wallet to transfer funds.

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