Cryptonator online wallet

Cryptonator online wallet

Cryptonator is a convenient electronic wallet with which you can buy and exchange cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, etc. It is also used to store these banknotes. To open an account in the Cryptonator service, you need to go to the official website and register.

Opening an account

Enter your email and password in the corresponding fields. A link will be sent to the specified email address, by clicking on it, you will confirm the registration. To complete the procedure, you need to verify your phone number.

In a few minutes, you can open the Kryptonator, the entrance to your personal account in the Kryptonator wallet involves simple authentication, it consists of 2 stages. First, enter your username and password, then confirm them using the application downloaded to your smartphone or the code from the SMS.

After registering, log in, the Cryptonator online cryptocurrency wallet is at your disposal! You will be taken to a section called “My Account”, here you will see which wallets are available for transactions. To select a non-fiat one, you need to click on the corresponding link. By clicking on the “Cryptocurrency wallets” section, you will open a page where you can choose a wallet convenient for you. Switch the toggle switch to “On” next to the currency you like.

We carry out the necessary operations

To buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cryptonator:

top up your balance using fiat money;
click on the arrow that points down (next to the currency you want to transfer to your account);
click on “Top up”.

To deposit funds to a dollar or euro wallet, use the PAYEER system. The ruble account can be replenished using bank cards, electronic payment services, including Yandex-Money. Cryptonator’s commission for such operations is from 1.9 to 3.9%.

The minimum top-up amount is 1 dollar or 100 rubles. An online wallet is suitable for storing digital money; in this case, an exchange service is used. Go to the tab with the appropriate name, select the required one from the list of currencies and click on “Continue”. To confirm the exchange operation, click on “Confirm exchange”.

Each user should know how to withdraw rubles from a cryptonator. This is problematic since withdrawals are carried out only in cryptocurrency. You can send money to the PAYEER system, the commission will be 6.9%. Before you withdraw money from the cryptonator, check the correctness of the entered PAYEER account!

To buy goods on the Internet use the “Send” section, it helps to transfer funds to another user or store. To make a transfer, enter the correct recipient address. The wallet has a “Pay” section, it helps to carry out the same operations as the “Send” section, but use the ruble balance to pay for services.

On the “Pay” page, you can pay for the services of a mobile operator, deposit funds to the account of a landline phone or Internet provider. In the cryptonator, you can view the history of transactions: the “History” tab allows you to sort transactions by currency and date.

The wallet supports the option of exchanging banknotes within the system – this is another advantage. The cryptonator has a convenient Russian-language interface and this wallet is free, the commission is charged only for making transactions. The service operates in anonymous mode, which means that registered users do not need to upload documents to pass verification. Finally, the wallet’s most important advantage is its high level of security.

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